Why We’re Going To Talk About Racism and Guns and Flags and Privilege… Now.

Everyone please read.

john pavlovitz


America, we need to talk.

We need to talk about a lot of things.

We need to talk about racism,
and gun violence,
and manipulative media,
and Confederate flags,
and partisan politics,

and white privilege,
and religious extremism,
and mental health.

We need to, but apparently we can’t because we’ve been told so.

The decision of silence has been made for us:

“It’s too soon.”
“That’s not the real issue here.”
“The timing isn’t right.”
“That won’t prevent what happened in Charleston.”

This is simply no longer acceptable.

If now is not the time, just when in God’s name is it time?

What is the tipping point in human life where dialogue becomes permissible?

When is there enough blood spilled to merit everything having to be held up to the raking light of examination?

Nine beautiful African-American people are gunned down;
by a young white male claiming racial hatred as his sole motive,
with a…

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