A message to all America

May the grace, peace, and love from God our Eternal Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour be with you all who stumble onto this message. I am feeling a sense of urgency and alarm in my spirit, and with the frequency of tragic events taking place in this country, I feel now that it is time to act. To all of the shepherds out there who are ministers to a multitude, you are being tested. What will your stand be? In the gap? With the crowds of the dead shambling upon earth? Will you stand up for the faith of God? Or will you teach your budding children that we should use violence to coincide with God? This must not be allowed. Do not become influenced by the wiles of Satan. Stand up and fight the good fight! Even if it brings you to death, for you shall be saved for your faith in God and in Jesus Christ. Stay meek. Stay humble. You shall have your reward in Him. For every choice you make. Heed my words.


We are entering into a transitional stage here in the Divided States of the Offended, and with the recent and past tragedies occurring in Ferguson, Missouri; as well as New York, Baltimore, Florida, South Carolina; also Aurora, Colorado and all of the other tragic events that have transpired since the spawning of America but the media didnt cover or the word didn’t spread about said tragedies. All of the lives lost since the inception of America are a sad moment in time for this is one more life lost that couldve possibly been lead to know Jesus Christ and our Eternal Father Yahweh. I speak these things in my flesh because God has orchestrated a far greater plan for mankind and all of these named as well as unnamed individuals were all instruments in the great turning of God’s grand creation. This transition I speak of involves guns being allowed in the churches and houses of worship. I will now present a thought to each and every one of you readers out there and I pray that this reaches the right hearts. God, my Almighty Father who art in heaven, may your merciful and graceful hand be with the readers of this blog.


We cannot allow guns to be brought into our churches. Stand against such a ghastly thought! Anyone who knows the teachings of Jesus Christ and the spiritual workings of God the Father, would stand against this temptation. Satan is working from the inside out. I am calling out to all of you pastors out there, keep guns out of your churches. Stay vigilant in the faith of Christ and the power of God. Do not let the fear of man be instilled in your heart. As it is written in Isaiah, let God be your fear, LET HIM BE YOUR DREAD. For your punishment will be far worse if you follow your own imaginations and deny what God has planned for you. Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek, do not live by the sword that slays flesh but instead wield the sword of truth that cuts down the evil machinations of Satan and his evil agents. Be prepared everyone. This message is meant for not just pastors but for everyone that professes Jesus Christ as the Son of God and those of you out there who can sense the impending doom upon the morality, spirituality, and life of this country. The storm is coming and I dont think any of you are ready for it. 

If I were the devil, this is what I would do. Institute the manmade instruments of death to protect the lost sheep, instead of the power of the blood of the Lamb of God. If I were the devil, I would make sure the Islamic mosques are now able to bring guns to protect themselves from Christians or anyone else who disagrees with the Satanic spawn that is the false prophet Mohammed. Think about what I just said Americans. If I were the devil, I would manipulate the citizens of America to believe i am taking their guns away, only to cause an uprising that will eventually trigger a nation upheld by martial law. If I were the devil, I would infect the food and water with contaminants that changes and alters the way we think, live, develop and progress as humans progressing into nihilistic, hedonistic animals. If I were the devil, I would manipulate humans to change their gender completely, man becomes woman, woman becomes man… And now I will cause them to plead for equal rights. If I were the devil, I would manipulate the spirits of an nation to plead for equal rights. I would create the internet and manifest all horrors of horrors right before your very eyes. I am desensitizing you through movies, video games, radio, magazines, newspapers, books, television, cell phones, tablets. I am always with you watching you at every step and breath. I will keep you distracted for as long as you allow me to. If I were the devil, I would run for president and cause an entire country to believe that I am a moron. The blind are lead by the mastermind that is Satan. If I were the devil i would create Islam. Ill let you figure out what happens next. 

I am undone.


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