Who I Am

My life began on the 20th of October in the year 1986 AD, at the time of recording this, it is the year 2015 AD, which places us 29 years after my birth. I am 28 years old at the time of recording this. I am unaware of the lives my parents lived before I was brought into this world. I knew not of who they were, or if they were ready for parenthood at the time of my birth. I have fleeting moments and visions of being in the womb, the images are hazy, and it perplexes me so, that I am able to recall such a thought. I am however not surprised that I am unable to form words to clearly describe such an experience. An infant is born without anything pertaining to wisdom or knowledge or influence, except what God bestows in our hearts, anything less than that is darkness, not of God, and muffled noises from the outside. My birth wasn’t without complications. I suffered a double hernia in my groin, and I was also born with a complication in my right knee, which resulted in my right knee being located on the inside of my leg, causing my right leg to be not symmetrical to my left leg. My right foot was turned towards my left foot, and I was lame in my walking and running throughout the early part of my childhood development. The hernia was resolved at birth, but the lameness in my leg afflicted me for 10 years, and I suffered many insults, jokes, and bullying due to the fact. The horrors that are misguided, ignorant children. I was blessed enough to have the parents that I had since they spent their earnings on two surgeries to repair my leg the Summer I turned 10 years old. What a fantastic birthday gift in being able to walk straight for the first time. Unless you’ve walked in those shoes, you can’t understand my feelings.


The beginning of the life that God blessed me to have and cherish had many experiences as well as opportunities to learn of God, to learn of His Holy Scriptures, meaning the Bible, and to learn of His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ. On the contrary, the powers of darkness were working and moving exceedingly towards the goal of debasing my spirit and my innocence, and it shames me now to know their endeavors upon my heart and soul were successful. For 26 years, I spent my living in relentless, remorseless, apathetic, blasphemous perversion. I had willingly plunged my entire being into the abyss with thoughts or intentions of reconciling my soul. I welcomed atheism into my life at a young age. The truth is that God never abandoned me, I had abandoned God and His Amazing Grace. I wanted to die young. Hellbent on destruction and living as fast as I could. I didn’t have time to think about salvation. There was no shame. No guilt for any wrongs I may have brought upon my family, friends, or strangers. The great controversy of my life began the moment I was conceived. Who is to say, besides God, that this isn’t the case with all human beings? We are born in sin due to our parents before us. The salvation, or damnation of our soul depends wholly on us as individuals. Good or evil, its your choice to make.


Redemption is found through an individual walk with Jesus Christ, and through a personal relationship with God. There is no other way. No mortal man can bring you grace, faith, salvation, nor can any mortal man show the way.


For it is written:


“I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh to the Father, but by me” John 14:6


Only through believing in God, Jesus Christ, and through effective prayer, meaning prayer in faith, can one truly come to the glory and grace of God, and never forget that all of man has fallen, come short of the glory of the one true and faithful, all merciful God. We are all men and women, and we are all fallen men and women. Only God can judge us, and only God can save us from or sinful nature.


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