little children, keep yourselves from idols.

Greetings brothers and sisters.

May the grace, love, and peace from Yahweh, God our Father and Yeshua Christ Our Lord be with you all. I pray for you all unceasingly the individuals that may come upon this blog, with faith that I may impart to you some spiritual gift in that we can both be comforted in the faith and love of Jesus Christ, to the ends we may all be renewed in our flesh, and our spirit and see the coming of the Lord in peace that we will spend eternity in the kingdom of heaven. God have mercy on all of us. I will try to keep this short.

As I am scanning Twitter spreading the information that I have recently happened upon, I notice many issues that I posted about last night. Distractions, upon distractions. A hashtag that says #Yeezusreturns, another self proclaimed name for the person known as Kanye West. Does this come across as disrespectful to anyone that is a follower of Christ and child of God? I cant believe the audacity some individuals have to follow through with such blasphemy. It is astonishing.

More examples – #HappyBirthdayRihanna, #Oscars2015, #ScandalABC, #EELive, #ObamaLovesAmerica… #TwoAndAHalfMenFinale, what is next?

Christians are being beheaded and burned alive worldwide, women and children are being raped and sold as wives or sex slaves to Islamic State leaders, and here we are again strangely infatuated with individuals who arent a jot or tittle more important than me or you. We are all sinners and we are gonna face God in the day of judgement before the throne of mercy, every one of us as individuals created by the Author of Creation. It is the spirit of antichrist and Satan to exalt himself to be higher or equal to God, blasphemous acts of heresy that will not go unnoticed in the eyes of the Almighty.

I must pray…

O my soul, my Father who art in heaven, who sits in the holiest of holies and watches over the world, please give me the strength and the comfort to overcome my enemies and my transgressors, destroy them so that they may not cause me to perish. I am a worm in comparison to Your Majesty, and even so, I am under the worm for at least the worm knows where it stands in this earth, I am a sinner and I am common to slip from your path of righteousness, and the worm does not stray away from the way you have placed in its spirit. Comfort my soul o Holy One of Israel so that I may know how to minister to all who are reaching for your rope God… Send the afflicted peace, send to the weak strength, to the ones that are low bring them high, and to the ones that exalt themselves, reveal to them their true position and bring them low, and maybe then they will know that YOU Father are the LORD GOD. Selah. Amen.

May the blessings and mercies of Yahweh and Yeshua be with you all. I love you tremendously.

And little children, keep yourselves from idols.


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