All the world is mad.

I am going to compose this without really thinking about what Im going to blog about. We will see where this goes.

Greetings to all. Grace, love, and peace from God, the Father, and Christ our Lord. May the blessings and mercies of our Almighty Creator be with you all.

Lately, I have decided to study the Holy Word of God with a more prayerful awareness so that I may fully comprehend the beautiful teachings and merciful wisdom shown throughout the ages by the Holy One of Israel so that we may know how to live our lives according to His will, and how we learn not to lean on our own understanding. For the heart of man is “very deceitful and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9) 

When we choose to follow our own desires, we as a human race can’t survive this spiritual warfare on our various ranges of intelligence, no matter how advanced we think we’ve become, Satan is a horrificly sinister mastermind behind the scenes pulling the strings on all who walk in darkness. This is not a joke. He truly exists. Controlling the hearts of mankind through his wicked machinations to subdue the lusts of the flesh, the pride of the haughty, the wrath of the tyrannical, the greed of the rich, the slothful nature of the gluttonous sluggard, and the envy of all who covet. There are no lights on the devils highway, and it is a wide, wide valley and the dead stumble over the dead to move further into the darkness. Blindly we walk, hastily we talk, and idle words to no end.

As I’ve walked among the wilderness of despair throughout the first 28 years of my life, I slowly began searching for something, definitely some good news, but I couldn’t ever figure out what that something was. However, I was very prideful and full of myself. I only focused on decisions that were going to benefit me. I didn’t know what it meant to serve my fellow man, for I was also very confrontational and very anti authority. I was only focused particularly on any possible way I could make more money, only to burn it on worldly lusts. Too many times as an atheist did I hit my knees and reach for Him during this time of revelry. A man can become lost in his search for who he is and what he is doing on this earth, and if we lack the light that is God and the faith of Jesus Christ, how can we ever expect lead anyone else to personal salvation from a dark sinful life? Searching for answers in darkness will only lead to darker corners of the wilderness. The deepest, most desolate reaches of the heart that Satan manifests through his wicked deceptions.

God, our Father, has had unending mercy on my soul, and I am so blessed to be alive today to receive His love and His kindness that is everlasting, as well I am blessed to be able to share my testimony of His love with you all today. We must lose our life to gain our life. Cutting our ties and connections with the matters and inventions of this world is the only way we can even begin to build a truly personal relationship with God. He has always been our conscience speaking to us. There is just too much noise. We never think to turn down the noise and listen to The immutable Word of God.

I will be praying for the readers that happen upon this blog every time I pray. May the peace and mercy of the Almighty God be upon us, for this is a wicked time, and a time of trouble that has fallen upon America, and not only America, but it has spread to shadow the most remote places, and it will not stop, for all these things must come to pass.

The travesties that take place are unimaginable.

Here in America, children are murdered probably every second in abortion clinics to aide the harlots in the bearing of their burdens they have brought upon their own head, and now, an individual has become a murderer of an unborn child. This is sickening and disturbing that we allow such depravity to take place, and on such a large scale. The blood of infants has been shed in America by the hands of more than just cold blooded killers.

America is the leading distributor and producer of pornography among the entire world. Need I really say more about this? Its such a disgusting subject I prefer not to go into anymore details.

Open your eyes!

This cannot be reversed!

Social diseases, plagues, homosexuality worldwide, child trafficking, mass murders on an unfathomable scale. 

Something has gone, terribly wrong.

All the world is mad.

Please God, have mercy on all of us.


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